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Sandeep Panditis a corporate-professional-turned-Holistic well-being coach. He is a Mindfulness Coach, Innovative Life Coach and Counselling Psychologist with healing powers. He possesses an MBA degree from a premier management institution and has evolved into a new-age unconventional and Innovative Coach and Counselor. Sandeep has been himself practicing neuro-sculpting and various forms of Meditation from early childhood to tap into his sub-conscious mind from the age of 10. He also holds a distinction in M.S. in Counselling& Psychotherapy. Along with this, he is a globally certifiedCorporate Mindfulness Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, master NLP Practitioner. Sandeep is a Reiki Grandmaster too. So, you can notice a nice and rare blend contemporary and conventional approach through Mind Power, Psychology, Neuroscience and Mindfulness in his sessions and workshops.


Sandeep is also a Senior Consultant and Trainer with a Denmark based global organization, Potential Project, which is the global #1 provider forCorporate Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT). He has embarked on a unique mission and has transformed thousands of individuals to transcend themselves beyond sufferings and find their life purpose.

Sandeep has conducted numerous Mindfulness Workshops for 5-star Hotels, Corporate Houses, Educational Institutions and NGOs.

Being a Mind Power enthusiast, he conducts lot of mind and holistic well-being workshops for educational institutions, corporates and public groups. He has run numerous Programs based on various themes such as ‘Discover the Journey Within’ and Mindfulness for Busy People and has transformed many lives.

His commitment to Holistic Well-being led him to create a physical platform named ‘Discover the Journey Within’. It is a meet - up group of likeminded individuals aimed at attaining balance between success and inner peace by knowing oneself deeper and better. It helps people with high Emotional Quotient (EQ) by finding their relevance in this present world. This meet - up group ensures to empower individual souls and make them aligned to this present society.

After successfully spending15 years in the corporate world while working with companies such as IBM India, GE Healthcare and CRISIL among the others, he made his childhood passion as his mission for life. He gave up corporate life to be able to propagate Holistic Well-being. He is well regarded and rated very high by the mid-management and senior corporate individuals who have availed of his individual services from countries such as India, US, UK, Australia, Croatia, Ukraine, Singapore. He has impacted more than 4500 lives globally till now by life coaching, healing, counselling and Mindfulness.




Ourvision is to be globally renowned for guiding mankind to achieve balance in Success and Inner peace and make world more positive and vibrant.



Our mission is to reach out to individuals, schools, colleges and corporates globally to create a world of peace, joy and harmony by providing them the intrinsic technology to deepen their experience of life, and reach their ultimate potential.


  • 4500 - satisfied clients globally.
  • 10 - successful corporate engagements .
  • 20 - private workshops across India .
  • 10 - years of coaching, healing and mindfulness experience
  • 70 - 80% repeat client observed with Sandeep


  • Soul in Harmony is the only place where we apply Mind Power, Spirituality and Intuition together
  • Authentic, compassionate and confidential approach to Healing
  • Sandy, unlike other coaches and healers gives a very patient hearing and makes you feel immensely comfortable
  • Unique guidance provided by Sandy due to his open mindedness and un-conventional outlook
  • Provides root cause solutions and do not drain your time & money for repeat visits
  • A place where your voice will be heard and understood