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About Sandeep Pandit

Sandeep Pandit (also fondly called Sandy) is a free spirited, simple minded and spiritually inclined person with unique blend of personality. He is a corporate-professional-turned-Spiritual Healer cum Life Coach. Sandeep possesses an MBA degree from a premier Management institution. He has evolved into a new-age unconventional Healer & Life Coach after spending 15 years in the corporate world while working with companies such as IBM India, GE Healthcare and CRISIL among the others.

From the age of 10, Sandy was inclined towards experimenting with mind power and was amazed each time by seeing the reciprocation of universe to give him exactly those things that he desired for. He had started to unfold ‘The Secret' during his childhood. That was his first step towards demystifying human mind power.

Sandeep went on to study in Benaras, city of the Holy Ganges during 1995. There he felt a strong calling from his master who wanted him to delve into spirituality and solve the problems for people around. Subsequently, he mysteriously developed palmistry skills with little effort. Very soon he became a popular sought after Palm Reader in a world famous Institution – Banaras Hindu University. He was bringing joy and light to many lives without any expectations by palm reading and aura analysis. After doing Masters in International Business, life became busy and Sandeep was caught up in the corporate humdrum. Inside his heart, he knew it very well that he belongs somewhere else and his mission is to bring joy and light to people's lives.

Then finally in 2011 one day, he again got a strong calling to use Tarot Cards to guide people. By this time he had already become a good face reader and palm reader. Sandeep had also won hearts of clients as a Reiki Master in India and abroad. This was when Sandeep launched himself professionally as a Spiritual Healer & Life Coach and 'Soul In Harmony' was born.

Achievements so far
  • Sandeep has now travelled to many countries for his skills and is a much sought after Spiritual Healer and Life Coach. His clientele spans from corporate executives, celebrities, top professionals to even young ambitious professionals.

  • The unique aspect of Sandeep's guidance package is that he blends Spirituality with Meditation, Mind Power and Reiki Healing. This creates a holistic healing & Life Coaching. The person who comes for guidance is completely mesmerized by the sessions and most of them come back to him to give positive feedback.

  • Sandeep's Spiritual Reading cum Life coaching helps in all matters: Career, Business, Finance, Marriage, Relationship, Love, Education, Health, Travel and so on. He does an in-depth analysis of situations to guide and steer and empower people to make correct decisions for future outcomes.

  • Sandeep's aura is very positive and has powers to heal instantly. People have confessed getting the healing process initiated during One-to-One sessions. His aim is to give you the platform, tools and techniques for feeling peaceful, lighter and stronger in unison with your soul's purpose. He is not judgmental about a person or situation. Sandy's guidance creates an inspirational platform on which one can make clear informed choice for brighter future in sync with his/her life path.

  • Our Vision

    Sandy's vision is to inculcate inner peace and joy across geographies and make mankind more positive, vibrant and truly successful (in real terms) by aligning them with their soul purpose.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to create a world of peaceful and joyful people by healing mind, body and soul and providing a platform to ‘Discover the Journey Within'.