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  1. Sandy is a bang-on Tarot Card reader. He is having an awesome skill of card reading. Not only that he also blends it with Numerology, Palmistry and face reading. I experienced a strange positive vibe after going through my reading. Sandy revealed my past like never before and also guided me for the future course. He’s doing a great genuine service.

  2. Sandy`s Tarot card reading skills are simply impeccable. The best part of his style of reading is that he makes you feel comfortable and guides you for the right choice rather that just fortune telling. Sandy`s personality is such that one will get healed with just speaking with him.Also I had some very good positive energy just after my reading session with him. And got some good luck moments just after my reading session. Highly recommend Sandy. Good work!

  3. I never thought that Tarot Cards can be such an accurate method of guidance. Sandy blends his Palmistry, Numerology and Tarot Card expertise to find perfect solutions to problems in life. I was amazed at the accuracy as I am watching the events of my life.

  4. I was amazed at the way Sandeep could talk about the past, present and future based on the chosen cards. This was my first experience with Tarrot cards and I could not have asked for a better experience. Sandeep is a great individual besides his expertise in Tarrot card reading, palmistry & face reading. Good luck Sandeep.

  5. Sandeep is seems flawless. He has mastered his art so nicely that you simply get drawn to him for more and more. He is quite adept in his art. Actually with him, you realise that it is more a science where he combines his knowledge of the Tarot Card with Palmistry and other astrological predictions with such accuracy and conviction that you simply get floored. He appears more as a guide and tells you in a very practical way the way ahead and steps that ought to be taken to lead a just and happy life. You meet him and then then you will never meet anybody else for you get all your questions answered in the most professional yet personal manner. Post meeting Sandeep, you tend to realise that the meeting was worth much more and you should have met him much before. So Stop Thinking and rush to Him for some advice and guidance that you have been seeking for sometime now….better late than never …and especially when you have SANDEEP Around

  6. My tarot reading experience with Sandy who is pleasant, articulate, intelligent, and sincere. In the beginning he lays out the cards and tells you what he sees without knowing anything about you. He went over their common interpretations, and then he sort of looked to me to fill in the blanks and tell him what they meant to me. In my case his interpretations were spot on. Afterwards we talked about strategies to modify certain aspects of my life/environment to clear my path. Grow Spiritually. My reading with him was a very cleansing, enlightening and valuable and objective experience. This was my first reading and I did it with some trepidation, but his accurate reading of my situation was able to clarify many things for me and to see where I was heading. I am sure I will see Sandy sir again in a little while down the road.. And I am very much looking forward to it. He’s really good with the cards, he’s honest and he’s a very open minded advisor. I highly recommend to RUN, DON’T WALK !! to see him soon. ( AB)

  7. Meeting with Sandeep is like meeting a long lost friend. He is incredibly patient and you can talk to him about almost anything. He is definitely genuine and once you meet him you will feel it too. Most of the predictions I received are yet to happen in the near future and I shall definitely update this post as and when they happen. So if you want to clear you head and find direction in your life, go meet him. Like they say, God works in mysterious ways. Good luck to everyone out there in search for answers.

  8. I never believed in this stuff until Sandy blew the wind out of me by telling me things about my past and present. Then he told me things that would happen in my near future. It has been about a year since he did a tarot reading for me and everything he predicted has come true. I cant believe how accurate he was about certain events that would take place in my life. It almost seams like this is a science with the ability to predict accurately. I sincerely thanks Sandy for all the guidance and help during some trying times in my life. I am glad I met him.

  9. Hi Guys.I am Shipa and do not has good english but I somwhow wants to write for Sandy.I have never found such kind of reading till now in Bangalore and even in Mumbai where I used to staying early.My years of marital problem and poor health had bothered me for very longer time.sandy understood my problem and kept advising me things and in such a ma …

  10. Hi I think in this world of Fakes, there is something genuine.I have found Sandy to be quite impressive and adept in his ability to not only understand problems but also guide and take necessary precautions for the life ahead.I have been undergoing some turmoil in my personal and professional life for the past 3 years.But the day I met him, I somehow got a realisation that good Things happen at last.My meeting with Sandy was a divine intervention and the way he has tackled and solved my problems is really praiseworthy.Sandy has a lot of potential and I urge everybody who is seeking some kind of peace and advice to please visit him once and you will Thank me ,…..

  11. You need to meet him to understand yourself, understand the world and thereby understand the problems facing you.He makes you do that naturally ..HE IS GREAT!He does not give you solutions where you have to spend money on but very practical ways to solve the imbroglio you are in…There is a lot of depth in HIM…

  12. What Sandy did to me and my Life is out of this world.I just cannot recommend him more but want to say that Sandy has that knack of reading and understanding more than you share with him …He has skills which are unmatched in the market and it runs across numerology to palmistry to astrology to Tarot …He is SUPER SKILLED…My Professional problem in Office not only got settled but also his guidance helped me regain control of my life in the actual sense. He made me realise peace and understand myself …In fact What I have realised is that you have to give time to your problem to be solved and have patience…At times you will realise that his suggestions are not workable or something that you had not anticipated but believe me They all end up finally working for you….Great Sandy ..I Thank you !!

  13. It was my first time getting a Tarot card reading and I was quite skeptical. But once he started my reading, I was amazed at the level of details he got out of the reading. He is very patient and understood my problems well. What is best is that he is frank and gives you the right advice despite your point of view. He is a genuine reader in my opinion and if anyone is looking to get a reading done, I would definitely recommend him!

  14. Hi all, Let me share my small experience with Sandy, which really matter immense in my life, it was my first tarot card reading, and I was surprised with the prediction and actually came true. He is not just only the tarot card reader but also the person whom you can share the problem and take the guidance to set the proper life. I advise to all those who wants to go for tarot card reading kindly approach Sandy, as he is not money maker and give fake calculation, but the one who give you advice and show the correct and easy solution. Regards, Sandhya.

  15. Sandy has been the most insightful Tarot reader I have ever met so far. His skills are so refined that you will want to come back again and again.He has a good listening ability and seems he delves much deeper into your problem or situation to arrive at some very useful guidance and future action that is warranted by the client.A mere session with him seems to do wonders with you and you start feeling light and contented. “Yeh dil Mange More” that is the feeling you get.His demeanor and his way of making things understand or give his point of view or perspective are all so well versed and smooth flowing that you end up contented.The less said the better.I would only suggest people to please stop running around fake ones in the market.Just visit him and you will end up writing much more than me in appreciation of his superb services.

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