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  1. He is the best tarot card reader I have ever met, the method that he uses for guidance is incredible and very helpful. I would strongly recommend his guidance and tarot card reading to everyone as it is very accurate and at the end of the day if you want to find a solution to any problem in your life.

  2. I had been for a reading to Sandy and was completely mesmerised by the way he deals a life situation. Its like a very methodical approach and allowed me to open up and ask the right questions. The guidance that followed plus the analysis of my life situation was simply a lifetime moment. The best part is the way Sandy uses pendulum, Palm lines and the face reading hand in hand with Tarot Reading. This gives a long term, medium term and the short term view of the life very well. Great going Sandy! Keep it up!!

  3. Sandeep ji is very soft spoken, humble and down to earth individual. I had undergone training in Tarot classes from him and I am totally satisfied with the overall training which I received from him. He is very good trainer and very flexible with the timings. He offered me timings which were convenient to me. I would strongly recommend anyone to Sandeep ji if they want to have tarrot classes and training. He chooses whom he trains after one round of meeting with him. If you are the lucky one ” Grab the opportunity” and get trained by him.

  4. Hello Sandeepji, this is Sumithra here. Hope you remember me. I had come for a reading from you in July 2014 related to relationship. I am pleased to tell you that I would be getting married this August. I am very happy now. I also want to send you invitation card but could not find you on whatsapp. Hope you and your family are doing well. Your reading was a good experience. I would be coming for more readings in future as I would be in Bangalore itself.

  5. I met Sandeep Pandit 2 years ago when I was going through a rough patch. After my first session I found a lot of clarity and was able to make the right decisions. Since then I have been consulting him for various issues. He\’s unique Holistic reading style -tarot, palm, aura, face and pendulum in a single session leads to accurate solutions, which are very practical. The best part about the sessions are one can be open and honest about anything and he is non-judgemental and very empathetic. He is an astrologer, psychic and counsellor all rolled into one. Thanks for everything.

  6. When I went to soul in harmony, I was standing at cross-roads and those confusions were taking a toll on me. Sandy could really understand my past and present situation and complexities well. Though it is too early to see any result, talking to sandy immediately made me feel lighter, more reassured of my future and my choices.

  7. This place is just awesome. I was looking out for tarot reading. I came across Soul in Harmony. I went there and I was completely satisfied. I seriously recommend this to people who are looking for a genuine guidance. I have consulted more than 3 times in the last 1.5 years and each time I got what I wished for. Best part is how Sandy utilizes multiple tools in the same reading session. He made me feel very comfortable to share what I was going through. Great going!

  8. I am one of your Client who came to visit you in September 2015, the most disturbing time at my life , most tragic moment, the twisted turning point which was forcing me to break down mentally and morally completely . To be very honest I never believed Tarot readings to get sincere help and can heal people’s problems but after I met you for the very first time in my life , I had sensed it that there was something magical and unexplainable stuffs that I really can’t explain in words. The session worked like a positive thought which paused my disturbed mind to get diverted anymore and gave me guidance and firm believe that I should follow it griply. Me and my boyfriend both went to see you told you about life problems.( Marriage, Job changing and life settlement issues due to family disputes. At that time you had clearly told us with the card reading results that something magical will happen in our life and all the family disputes and issues will come to an end. Our possibility to get married will be confirm by next year( 2016). There is what I sensed the real guidance and trusted your words. You advised us to get detached for sometime and solve the family issues first in order to get along with each other for whole life. And yes It happened. Our family issues are now ended and we both family are ready for marriage . We both are so happy now and I am cordially Inviting you on this auspicious event of our life to give us your blessing and guidance.Thank you once again to show us the real path and real meaning of Tarot card readings. Below image is of mine and my fiancee and The Marriage invition card .

  9. Visited Mr.Sandeep on Dec 29 2015. I had a long pending query regarding change of job. He told that good things will start to happen by the end of 8 weeks. That’s wat has happened exactly ryt now. Overall the reading was good and exhaustive. I recommend him if you want a general outlook of ur future and not to test his skills. Cheers!

  10. It was my first experience visiting a Tarot reader and I can say meeting Sandeep was one of the best decisions I ever took. I went to him with head full of questions and confusions. The things which he predicted about my past were mostly true. I can see his Aura reading , numerology and Palmistry revealed those aspects of mine which made me really feel good about me, boast about myself. I got most of my confusions cleared with tarot reading. Though everything I asked was about near future. I am just waiting for the things to happen as he predicted. I will definitely will few more reviews about him. All in all I can say meeting him was extremely fruitful and an incredible experience.

  11. Hi all.. I meet sandeep couple of days ago.. With not very clear mind.. But his predictions worked awesome.. And best is all his reiki healing..Anyone who is in really need of help please go to him. He will work wonders

  12. One of the best and most sorted out person I know on this planet. Best taro reader. All the best for your future. Keep going buddy

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