Keep Expanding Consciousness

Keep Expanding Consciousness

Have you come across a situation where you desire for things to happen but it just keeps eluding you increasingly? We know from our real-life experiences that this is a daily reality in the materialistic world. However, when you are a seeker is the spiritual dimension, you have a different incessant yearning, whichat the superficial level looks the same as the above but at a deeper level, it is much more intense, unselfish and compelling which makes you go within yourself.

Typically, my observation and experience says that it has 3 stages: –
1. Realizing the need for Expanding Consciousness
2. Getting to right people/situations
3. Being ready to absorb the Universal messages and Expand Consciousness
Stage 1- Realizing the need for Expanding Consciousness
Everything is going well in life. Career is flourishing, personal life is splendid and finances in the perfect shape. This keep going for 10-15 years from the start of our professional career. Till yesterday everything looks hunky-dory, suddenly something from within starts knocking at our heart and starts questioning the fundamentals of our life.
Questions such as – Can I keep going like this life long? Am I really making a difference on this planet? Have I added meaning to my life or just drifting till now? What is the unique skill that the Supreme Energy has bestowed on me to be used for this world? How will I be peaceful and joyful?
Remember, when these kinds of questions start chasing you, rather there is this little voice from within that starts questioning you, then you are one of those chosen ones who has gotten a chance to Expand Consciousness. This is the time to realize- You are the chosen one!! Not most of us get to this point in our lifetime.
Let me quote Margaret Newman, a living legend of American Academy of Nursing, who authored the Theory of health as Expanding Consciousness.
“………every person in every situation, no matter how disordered and hopeless it may seem, is part of the universal process of expanding consciousness – a process of becoming more of oneself, of finding greater meaning in life, and of reaching new dimensions of connectedness with other people and the world”
Let us understand it clearly – We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but are spiritual beings having a human experience for a brief period. And we all are interdependent on each other whether animate or inanimate object. There is a design of this Universe and we all are nuts and bolts of this huge machine called Universe.

Stage 2- Getting to right people/situations
This stage could be a bit tricky because most of us do not know what does it entail to get to the right person/situation, who/which can lead us to the final stage of the Expanded Consciousness. To make it very simple – we just need to be correctly aligned with the Universal Life Energy.
What is Universal Life Energy after all? There is a consciousness that animates and connects all life. Some call it ‘Universal Life Energy’ or ‘Unity Consciousness’.
Now the next question is how do we align with Universal Life Energy?
When we raise our vibration and increase our energetic sensitivity, a natural flow of the moment can be perceived as a sense of ‘rightness’. When we follow this flow, we move into alignment with the universe and life feels increasingly harmonious. We feel successful, fulfilled and abundant.

For this to happen, we need to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually on the correct path. We all understand when we are standing on the wrong side of life and still do not have willingness to cross the fence and come over to the ‘right’ path. Be it as simple as eating right, behaving right, having kindness for others, helping each other grow with a truthful spirit, try and reduce negative traits progressively throughout life. I say this because we have heard this often – ‘To err is human’ so we can keep improving despite faltering intermittently.
If you keep your awareness about yourself on,over a consistent period and making sure to ‘align with Universal Life Energy’, then it’s given that you are heading towards right people/situations meant to be on your path to elevate you to the spiritual dimension by Expanding Consciousness.
Here again, please bear in mind that the people/situations won’t always be of the pleasing types; often it would be challenging you on your status-quo of life. For example, you might lose either a prized possession or a close relationship. The ‘best job’ as defined by you might just slip off your hand mysteriously or you might find yourself very lonely in life on the verge of insanity. This is the time to realize- You are the chosen one!!

Stage 3- Being ready to absorb the Universal messages and finally Expand Consciousness
You would have an innate desire to Expand Consciousness to have a spiritual experience. Along with this you would have encountered people/situations to challenge the status-quo of your life. However, if you do not have the temerity to walk on that path in the spiritual dimension, it would be a narrow miss for you to experience the life where the symphony of harmony plays. Unknowingly you might not be able to persist on the stage 2 described above and show signs of withdrawing back to the materialistic plane because that is always the easiest option all along this journey of Expanding Consciousness.
The trick is to sustain by having full awareness of what is happening within you and not get daunted by the mere experiences which challenge your life’s status-quo and get lured by the idea of withdrawing into the materialistic plane. Rather keep going along; it might pull you away from a ‘cozy’ set-up but you already know that what lies on the other side is much more marvelous and grand. So,when you have the goal in mind then try and dance in the symphony of ‘challenges’ thrown at you. The ‘rising up’ after so-called ‘defeats’ on this journey will re-energise you for much more longer time and will keep you going far and beyond what you had originally set out for.
The most important thing to realize here is that we are the chosen ones to have reached the final stage for Expanding Consciousness. Because of this, I am not going to let it slip off my hand at the ultimate stage. The Universal messages might just flow into you anytime and you must be able to receive it in full. You might get an altogether different meaning to your life. You no more feel like drifting in life. Also,you have the most suited profession for yourself which falls on your life-path. The new relationships are sparkling and making you shine in life. Abundance is just flowing in from sources, which you never imagined.Does it sound too good to be true? But don’t you see how much haveyou labored for this? And you truly deserve it because YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!!

Some mindful actions required:
1. Practice meditation consistently and regularly
2. Avoid being in a negative energy zones (people/ situations)
3. Align completely with Universal energy (no wrong doings)
4. Be yourself, increasingly every day (throw away the masks)
5. Have company of people who are true to themselves

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