Research has proven that almost around 47% of the time we are mentally disengaged from the task at hand. This results in unproductive multitasking, action addiction and rework. Both, individual and the organisation suffers finally.

We conduct customised workshops for corporates in India based on their specific priorities. The engagement model is discussed and agreed upon jointly to ensure the benefit of the practice sessions completely on the employees personal and professional lives.

We broadly practice 3 forms of Mindfulness meditation: –
1. Mindfulness Meditation for Focus
2. Mindfulness Meditation for Awareness
3. Mindfulness Meditation for Focus & Awareness

The most important aspect of our Mindfulness Program at workplace is that we help you to align your personal and professional life as per the mindfulness practice.So, in a nutshell we will ensure that you are applying the Mindfulness concepts to your daily life.
This will directly improve the productivity of organisation, effectiveness of work, reduced stress, increase creativity, better teamwork, work life balance and so on. Ultimately, the employee performs at his optimum potential.