Our Testimonials
Hi friends. I visit Sandeep whenever i am confused and need guidance with the path i have to follow. His predictions are almost always accurate. His readings are elaborate, he also uses pendulum combined with palm reading, face reading, numerology to arrive at his final guidance and suggestions. Everything is so methodical and scientific. He is so humble and patient listener. He does not suggest any superficial gems or costly puja etc like other so called "swamis". He just gives his readings and scientific 'solutions' (he doesnt like the word remedies) which will be very helpful to us. Looking forward to meet him again after few months.

Sanjiv Metri (Oct 06, 2016)

Sandy is a class apart.Before I say anything about him, his reading and his overall experience, I urge all of you to at least go and get a reading done by him.You will never find a similar experience anywhere in India or the world.I have travelled globally a lot and I say this with full confidence.He has really mastered his art and approach your problem in a very scientific , emotional and pragmatically a very spiritual manner.He is just not a reader but a counsellor, healer,motivator all rolled into one.In fact you get worth much more than what you actually land at his place for.The moment you realise that the time is over, you would have planned to meet him again and feel like extending the reading.At the end , i can only say that he is really doing a Yeoman's service .His skills are unparalled and may God bless him ! Thanks Sandy for being there and showing me my own innner potential ,energising me and giving me a new lease of life. See you soon :)

Rakesh Kalpaty (Sep 10, 2016)

This place is just awesome. I was looking out for Holistic reading and non-superstitious. I came across Sandeep Pandit and Soul in Harmony. I went there and I was completely satisfied. Sandeep is a great human being and with a genuine intention and mission to guide people. His skills of multi-tool reading is awesome. The solutions he provides are all scientific. I suggest to visit the place if required. Great going

Pratibha Rao (Sep 02, 2016)

When I went to soul in harmony, I was standing at cross roads and those confusions were taking a toll on me. Sandy could really understand my past and present situation and complexities well. Though it is too early to see any result, talking to sandy immediately made me feel lighter, more reassured of my future and my choices.

Swati Khetan (Aug 24, 2016)

I met Sandeep Pandit 2 years ago when I was going through a rough patch. After my first session I found a lot of clarity and was able to make the right decisions. Since then I've been consulting him for various issues. Sandeep uses different methods like tarot cards, pendulum, palm-reading etc. to give solutions which are practical. The best part about the sessions are one can be open and honest about anything and he is non-judgemental and very empathetic. He is an astrologer, psychic and counsellor all rolled into one. Thanks for everything.

Pratibha G (Aug 12, 2016)