Our Testimonials
A wonderful person in my life!

Shyam Mohan (Jul 04, 2016)

Good Morning Sandeep. Thanks for your intuitive coaching session to us. You were so right in telling that I have a whirlpool of thoughts in my head and its going on and on and on. Also you said none of them are real problems. I tried one session of the remedy that you suggested and it made a lot of difference. Will keep continuing as per your suggestion and will see you soon.

Dr. Pragnya (Aug 29, 2016)

Sandy, after meeting you and acting on your guidance, slowly things are moving in the right direction after a long time, am hopeful really. Grateful to you Sandeep for pushing me to believe that something will move in the positive direction.You are doing a good job, thanks once again.

Chaitali (Aug 29, 2016)

Hi Sandeep! What you said has turned out to be true ! Thejus and I are together again. And this time around it is going to be better because both of us have actually matured in this short span.The break has actually turned out to be a good thing. Thank you once again Sandeep. You have helped me maintain a peaceful nature and the correct perspective.

Smrithi M (Sep 11, 2016)

Hi friendS, I visit Sandeep whenever am confused and need guidance with the path that I have to follow. His predictions are almost always accurate. His readings are elaborate, he also uses pendulum combined with palm reading, Tarot and Face reading to arrive at his suggestions. He does not suggest any superficial gems or costly puja etc like other so called \"swamis\". He just gives his readings which will be very helpful to us. Looking forward to meet him again after few months.

Sanjiv (Jul 08, 2016)