Our Testimonials
He is the best tarot card reader I have ever met, the method that he uses for guidance is incredible and very helpful. I would strongly recommend his guidance and tarot card reading to everyone as it is very accurate and at the end of the day if you want to find a solution to any problem in your life.

Amit Kumar (Feb 21, 2015)

Excellent and had a great experience and answers to all the questions.

Dinesh (Aug 08, 2015)

Sandeep: one word I can describe you is "THE BEST". Been now 4 years I know you and can vouch for your reading and guidance. He is a kind of guy who will be there to help u even in most unpredictable time... To the point reading done by you always help me to choose the correct path. Thank you Sandeep for all your valuable guidance and help!

Pooja M (May 28, 2016)

Hi Sandeep Just wanted to write in to let you know that when we met in Oct 2015 just before I relocated to the US, you had spoken to me about what my career and state of mind will be like some time in March 2016, now that its March I wanted to let you know that my situation is precisely what you had described to me, our conversation kind of prepared me for this and though I am struggling with things I feel like this is for my greater good and can see the silver lining in the situation. I would love to talk to you again to unravel the next steps that are in my best interest Thank you and god bless you!

Meena Ganatra (Mar 31, 2016)

One of the best and most sorted out person I know on this planet. Best taro reader. All the best for your future. Keep going buddy

Swati Bakshi (Mar 03, 2016)