Our Testimonials
Thanks for the time today. It was a great session today and truly a guidance and eye opener.

Arsha (Jul 04, 2015)

I had been for a reading to Sandy and was completely mesmerised by the way he deals a life situation. Its like a very methodical approach and allowed me to open up and ask the right questions. The guidance that followed plus the analysis of my life situation was simply a lifetime moment. The best part is the way Sandy uses pendulum, Palm lines and the face reading hand in hand with Tarot Reading. This gives a long term, medium term and the short term view of the life very well. Great going Sandy! Keep it up!!

Vipul (Mar 05, 2015)

What Sandy did to me and my Life is out of this world.I just cannot recommend him more but want to say that Sandy has that knack of reading and understanding more than you share with him ...He has skills which are unmatched in the market and it runs across numerology to palmistry to astrology to Tarot ...He is SUPER SKILLED...My Professional problem in Office not only got settled but also his guidance helped me regain control of my life in the actual sense. He made me realise peace and understand myself ...In fact What I have realised is that you have to give time to your problem to be solved and have patience...At times you will realise that his suggestions are not workable or something that you had not anticipated but believe me They all end up finally working for you....Great Sandy ..I Thank you !!

Sanjay (Aug 20, 2013)

Meeting with Sandeep is like meeting a long lost friend. He is incredibly patient and you can talk to him about almost anything. He is definitely genuine and once you meet him you will feel it too. Most of the predictions I received are yet to happen in the near future and I shall definitely update this post as and when they happen. So if you want to clear you head and find direction in your life, go meet him. Like they say, God works in mysterious ways. Good luck to everyone out there in search for answers.

JM (May 13, 2013)

I was amazed at the way Sandeep could talk about the past, present and future based on the chosen cards. This was my first experience with Tarrot cards and I could not have asked for a better experience. Sandeep is a great individual besides his expertise in Tarrot card reading, palmistry & face reading. Good luck Sandeep.

Venkat (Jan 31, 2013)